About FADP

Founded in 1973 as the Florida Highway Safety Alcohol Education Association, the Association was renamed in 1984 to more accurately reflect its purpose and membership. The purpose of the FADP is to assist member DUI programs by:

  • Acting as liaison with DHSMV's DUI Programs Section and Bureau of Driver Improvement.
  • Interpreting the DHSMV Administrative Rules concerning DUI and Special Supervision Services.
  • Developing resources and information for problem resolution.
  • Providing DUI Advanced Instructor, Evaluator, Evaluator/Supervisor, and Clinical Supervisor recertification training and other seminars and workshops.
  • Providing pre-service and in-service training for instructors and instructor trainers for the D.A.T.E. program.
  • Provide Special Supervision Services to multiple offenders with a 5 or 10 year revocation, who demonstrate trustworthiness to drive again on a restricted basis.

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