Learner's Permit State Information and Background

(Third Party Administrator)

The Florida Road Rules and Road Signs 50 Question Examination is certified and authorized by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department.
If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to have a parent or legal guardian agree to the terms and conditions when beginning the exams.
If you are 18 years of age or older, you cannot take these Online Driving Exams.  You must take them at the Driver's License Office.

Initial Fee for Purchase of Exam - $22.00
Retake Fee for Purchase of Exam - $22.00 Each Retake

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to pay additional fees / charges at the Driver's License Office for the issuance of your new license in addition to the test fee.

For Additional Florida License Requirements regarding the Identification you will need to bring when you apply, Click Here to Review.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully before you begin.

  • The TLSAE or MyFirstLicense.com DATE course you have completed is not intended to prepare you for this exam. You will need to study the Florida Driver's Handbook before you start the online exam. This is NOT an open book exam. You can find the handbook online in English or in Spanish.
  • You may register and pay for the online exams and then logoff in order to study the driver's handbook. Once you are ready to take the exam, log back on using your user name and password and go to the Take Exam menu option (you will be required to Log In)..
  • Upon successful completion of the online exam, proceed to your local driver's license office to apply for your license. Be sure to bring proper identification. Check the following website for approved forms of identification - What To Bring.
  • Test results are reported to the Division of Motorist Services and will be recorded in the applicant's driving record. A $22.00 fee will be charged to applicants who fail the online exam for Each Retake.
  • Social Security Numbers or Alien Registration Numbers will be verified by the Driver's License Examiners upon license application. The applicant is responsible for providing accurate information and is responsibe for the resolution of any conflicts with the Social Security Administrarion. Any applicant whose Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number cannot be verified will not be issued a license.
  • The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department will randomly select applicants for retest without regard to results indicated on the certificate. There will be no charge for the first retest. However, if the student fails the first retest there is a $10 charge for each subsequent retest.
  • The Third Party Administrator does not issue driver licenses and cannot guarantee issuance of a driver license nor in any way influence the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department in issuance of a driver's license.
  • Driver's License test material (exam questions and answers) is confidential (Forida Statute 119.07 (3) (a)) and is the property of the Division of Motorist Services. No one may copy or distribute any part of the test material without the express consent of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department, Division of Motorist Services.

REMEMBER, the Driver's License Office will still charge you additional fees for your new license. These charges will cover the vision and hearing exams as well as the photograph taken for your license. The fees are in addition to the cost of these online exams.

Steps to Complete the Driver's License Exams

There is a four step process you must complete in order to take the driver's license exams. Listed below are the steps with an explanation of the information that will be required. This information will also be displayed as you move through each step. Please proceed through each step to completion to avoid any technical difficulties.
Note - you may purchase the exam and return later to take it. You don't have to begin the exam right away. It will be available in the My Exam menu area.

Step One - Identification

You must specify either your Social Security or Alien Registration Number to validate your identity with the DHSMV. Your identifying number will be verified at the Driver's License Office before issuance of your driver's license. Click Here for More.

Step Two - Parent / Legal Guardian Identification

A parent or legal guardian will be required to enter his or her driver's license number to submit with the student's exam answers to Tallahassee. The parent or legal guardian must also agree to monitor the student while the exams are being taken.

Step Three - Validation of Security Questions

You will be required to answer security questions and, during the taking of the exams, correctly confirm the answers to these questions. This verification is required by the DHSMV to ensure that the appropriate person is taking the exam. You will have to take the Driver's License Exams at the Driver's License Office if you cannot verify the questions with the correct answers.

Step Four - Complete the Exam Questions

You must correctly answer at least 40 of the 50 exam questions, and correctly answer the security questions to Pass the Exam. Remember, this is NOT an open book exam and the exam is timed. It is suggested that you study the Florida Driver's License Handbook before beginning the exam to prepare for successful completion.

When you are ready, go to your Take Exam menu option and click the Start Exam button of your Purchased Exam to Begin.

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